race instructions for Bovington
29 Nov 2016

Hello and thank you for signing up to the Bovington Marathon and Half marathon, our first attempt at giving you frostbite 
Read this info its important 
You are all guinea pigs this race is a big test event, if it is a success we will do it again next year

Race timetable 
Marathon Start 08.30 
Race briefing 08.15 start area or if it is raining/snowing Museum restaurant 
First runners expected back 11.50 
Last runners 16.00-ish 
Cut off 7.30 hours 
Half Marathon 
Start 09.30 
Race briefing 09.15 start area or if it is raining/snowing Museum restaurant 
First runners expected back 10.50 
Last runners 13.30-ish Cut off 4 hours 
Getting there Plan your journey carefully we won’t halt the race start because you are stuck behind a tractor on the A35 
google this address

The Tank Museum
Linsay Rd,
BH20 6JG

Follow the brown signs that say TANK Museum with little tank pic on them

Day Parking Let the team from the Museum park you don’t just dump your car. Car share if possible with mates, friends and random people Go on Facebook and search out people to car share with

Hotels. There are plenty of hotels in the area and the site www.visit-dorset.com will help you select a nice one.

Race instructions Read this it’s the most important bit Do not under any circumstances pick any thing from the area you are running. It is a military training ground where they use live explosives and firearms. Do not pick up something that looks like a grenade or bullet, because it probably is. Seriously do not pick up anything that looks like it might blow up…it probably will. 
It will be cold and wet so please wear appropriate clothing and foot wear. Trail shoes, tights if it’s cold, hat, gloves whatever it is you need to keep warm, wear it


aid/water stations 
The aid/water stations approx. 4.5 miles apart so you may need to carry water with you. Seriously you can stagger 4 or so miles without water it’s not the Sahara. 
Aid stations 
Half marathon Aid stations and waterstations 4km Lovestation
9km Full aid station
13km full aid station 
16km Lovestation again (we are good like that) 
19km Water and gels 

4km Lovestation 
12km water and gels 
19km full aid station 
23km Full aid station with drop bags 
29km Water and gels 
32km Lovestation again 
36km Water and gels

Drop bags will be available at 13 mile 
Marathon only. Please be aware these bags will return when the aid station packs up. You wait for your stuff to return or wave goodbye to it as we are not washing your kit or keeping it for you. Anything left behind in the drop bags and not reclaimed or you ask us to keep hold of gets binned.

Cut offs Half 4 hours. Marathon 7.5 hours, both races will be swept by our team

Safety Please fill out the back of your number, name address and emergency contact. This is for safety reasons. If you have to drop out of the race, do so at an aid station or by a marshal. They will take your number. We then know who is still out on the course. Marshals are on roads to stop you getting killed. There are no specific issues with road safety on this route. There are one or two crossings especially in the last mile where there is a road that needs you to be switched on, please let the marshals guide you safely across the road. 
Headphones, take them off/ out on the roads.

Sweepers and pace We have our regular sweeping team at this race and they will be running to cut off pace. If it looks like you will not be able to make the cut off we will pull you out of the race. There will be no arguing with the sweepers, chief marshals, Boss at aid stations. If you look a mess with the thousand yard stare we reserve the right to pull you out for your own safety. Its December in winter it will be cold and wet …it will be trust us.

Do not under any circumstances drop litter. We are the guests of the MOD and the Museum don’t drop it or you will be buried in a trench in the middle of nowhere

Luggage drop and keys We have virtually no space for luggage, give us your car keys instead see Mrs WSR in the shop or Julie at the race finish

Showers and changing No to both, theres no room and its December bring a towel and change under that in a windswept car park freezing your bits off…it’s the British way doncha know

Prizes So if you are good enough to win something there will be no presentations or anything winners get there stuff on the line then go and get warm

Im not running what can I do The museum has offered everyone on the day a discount of 20% off entry prices to the museum present a medal number or say the magic words Marathon and you get in

Food The Museums splendid restaurant is open all day

Q. Can I run with my dog?
A. No we and you are not insured. 
Q. Fancy dress is it compulsory?
A. No, but you ya know we all like a big hat and MC Hammer trousers right? 
Q. What’s the weather going to be?
A. One moment Im on the line to Mother nature right now, its December who knows. Cold, wet and Yuck 
Q. Can I pick up souvenirs from the Army training ground? A. We know you aren’t stupid….but you get that “oooh whats that? Its soooo shiny” thought in your head….So you are running in an area where the Military train with explosives, flares, machine guns, smoke grenades and tanks, yes tanks, you know big things that blow up other big things. It is not a good idea to pick up stuff in a place like this as it could be dangerous. How dangerous can it be hahaha? Ask Andy about his mum’s dog who picked up a live grenade while out for a walk on old training ground a few years ago. 
Q. What gels are they?
A. Hi-5 
Q.What’s a Lovestation?.
A. Lovestation is a super accelerated Water and aid station. There will be cake, there will be more cakes, maybe a cheeky mid race stiffener (homemade schnapps maybe?). Its also a place to get a boot in the bum or a shoulder to cry on….it’s not easy this running thing. It also gives us a chance to look at you to see if you are fit to carry on. Our races are hard for some people and we care about your welfare so our experienced team at the Lovestation can take a look at you to make sure you are ok. 
Q. Kids and spectators can I bring them? A. Only your own. Do not leave your kids for us to look after we are not insured or interested in looking after your kids….we don’t even like ours. The museum is offering 20% off entry fee on Sunday only, (T & C’s apply) to any runner or runners family show them your medal or race number and the code is Marathon 
Q. Anything else important? A. Yes have fun Any issues andy@whitestarrunning.co.uk Swaps are now not possible unless you return or pass on the number otherwise its curtains ok?

If you get a number and for what ever reason you arent coming 
Send numbers back to 
79 West Way 
BH18 9LJ

https://www.facebook.com/whitestarrunning on the WSR site www.whitestarrunning.co.uk

for regular updates keep looking at Facebook and Twitter and our website 
Have a look at our other races www.dorchestermarathon.co.uk and www.fullonsport.co.uk and search for White Star and all our races will magically appear. 

Cheers WSR Team