Being Enviromentaly Friendly

WSR is continuing to consider our role in the beautiful countryside we are lucky enough to organise events in and how we can be more environmentally friendly.

This year has already seen the very successful reduction in our plastic waste making our Frolic/Lap races cupless. You have been great at carrying/bringing your own drinking vessels to use and we are planning to widen this in 2020 to some other events.

We work with a very good waste management company who pick through our waste and separate it out for recycling to help minimise our waste that ends up in Landfill.

The Top Team at the Lovestation™ are very good at ensuring there is minimal food wasted and we are decanting into bowls that can be reused as well as recycling all the packing food comes in, where possible.

Over the last year we have been encouraging the use of event clips to reduce the use of safety pins, a consumable that is often wasted. So from Run Jurassic we will not be providing safety pins at our races, you will need to reuse a set you already have.

We are researching into Wooden Medals that can be made locally or in this Country to see if we can reduce our Carbon Footprint, but we know how important the bling is to you, so it must be up to standard.

We have successfully reduced the plastic packing on our clothing and all the boxes it comes in, are reused. The suppliers that attend our events have great incentives too for example Totally Wonderfuel #borrowacup scheme and Grounded Coffee has spent hours converting George to be able to trade anywhere without using a generator!!

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