Crafty Fox

7 – 8th September 2019

Entries open 

Marathon and Half Marathon

Back by popular demand 

We are starting and finishing in the village of Ansty – bang middle of Darzzet

In the bottom of a valley…that’s the critical word…bottom

Now we have a fantastic pair of routes for you 2 lap marathon and 1 lap half

Camping, beer tent medals and bling etc. Prizes as always first to third for Ladies and Gentlemen

But here’s the thing we don’t do rubbish scenery, we take our races seriously despite the mucking about dressing up etc. We live in a most beautiful place and we have the duty to show it off

The Crafty Fox is part of the Wyvern series, a mix of marathons and half’s or you fancy mix it up.

Weekend camping can be booked here 


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Brewery Farm Ansty

Brewery Farm

Brewery Farm


The Official WSR Goat-O-Meter

  • Accent 80% 80%
  • Weather 80% 80%
  • Fly Count 40% 40%
  • Tripoverness 40% 40%
  • Mud 40% 40%
  • Risk of Cows 80% 80%


0% Flat as a flat place in Holland
20% Undulated
40% Bit lumpy
60% Blimey that’s a bit hilly
80% Why did I think this was a great idea?
100% Yeah ok I am walking the rest from now on


20% Goat dry as a bone
40% Pretty dry unless we have a biblical downpour
60% Might be a bit wet
80% Wet and muddy
100% Wetsuit


20% Lovely and mild perfect for running normally
40% It’s cold and will probably rain
60% It’s warm might rain
80% Usually rainy and cold or boiling hot
100% Ice station Zebra or Surface of the sun


20% 1 cow if any at all
40% 2 cows maybe, meh, dunno, probably not
60% 3 cows, yeah quite a good chance of something, but hey it’s the countryside
80% Pretty likely, to be fair more than likely
100% YEAH! Cow alert


20% Nope
40% Doubt it but maybe
60% Yeah could have a few
80% Blimmin flies
100% OMG it’s a plague of locusts


20% You will be fine
40% Look where you are going
50% Tree root alert
60% OK eyes glued to the floor
80% Evil dead style trees jumping out at you

Marathon – Saturday 9:00am

Affiliated: £37.50 Unaffiliated: £39.50

26 WSR miles

7.5 hours

2 laps of the course, plenty of climbing.

Part of the Wyvern Series

19th October @ 7:00pm

29th August 2019


Crafty Fox 2019 16

Crafty Fox 2019 17

Half Marathon – Sunday 9:00am

Affiliated: £27.50 Unaffiliated: £29.50

13 WSR miles

4 hours

Single lap of the course, plenty of climbing.

Part of the Wyvern Series

19th October at 7pm

29th August 2019


Crafty Fox 2019 16

Crafty Fox 2019 17

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