Ox Races

10-12th May 2019

Race Instructions Issued

Friday: Dark Ox

Saturday: Ox Frolic, Ox 50 Mile

Sunday: Light Ox, Ox Half Marathon

White Star running returns to the Rushmoor Estate with a variety of off road races in beautiful surroundings.

Dark Ox on Friday night for some dark action in Chase Wood and The Ox Frolic for solos or teams with each lap is 10.5 Km, so four laps = a marathon. Ox 50 is back as well with the usual stuff, do enough laps to reach 50 miles and boom! You are done. Thing is there is a generous cut off but if you won’t make 50 miles in that time you will get a 12 Hour medal and time so no one goes home empty handed.

The Light Ox on Sunday morning is a chance to run the quarter course in the light and if you finish quickly enough you can fit the half marathon in right after….you must be mad


Ox Races will have caterers and bar on site so you can be fed and watered whenever you need.


Camping is available for the Ox Races in our exclusive ‘athletes village  for the weekend. Bookings can be made here.  For other options see our accommodation page.

Race Review

The lovely Kasia has written a review of the OX on her blog, iknowwhereimrunning

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Ox Race at Rushmore

Rushmore Estate

Rushmoor Estate
Tollard Royal


The Official WSR Goat-O-Meter

  • Accent 60% 60%
  • Weather 20% 20%
  • Fly Count 40% 40%
  • Tripoverness 40% 40%
  • Mud 40% 40%
  • Risk of Cows 20% 20%


0% Flat as a flat place in Holland
20% Undulated
40% Bit lumpy
60% Blimey that’s a bit hilly
80% Why did I think this was a great idea?
100% Yeah ok I am walking the rest from now on


20% Goat dry as a bone
40% Pretty dry unless we have a biblical downpour
60% Might be a bit wet
80% Wet and muddy
100% Wetsuit


20% Lovely and mild perfect for running normally
40% It’s cold and will probably rain
60% It’s warm might rain
80% Usually rainy and cold or boiling hot
100% Ice station Zebra or Surface of the sun


20% 1 cow if any at all
40% 2 cows maybe, meh, dunno, probably not
60% 3 cows, yeah quite a good chance of something, but hey it’s the countryside
80% Pretty likely, to be fair more than likely
100% YEAH! Cow alert


20% Nope
40% Doubt it but maybe
60% Yeah could have a few
80% Blimmin flies
100% OMG it’s a plague of locusts


20% You will be fine
40% Look where you are going
50% Tree root alert
60% OK eyes glued to the floor
80% Evil dead style trees jumping out at you

Dark Ox – Friday 9:00pm

Affiliated: £22.50 Unaffiliated: £24.50

Quarter marathon (10.5km)

2 Hours

Dark Ox Quarter Marathon to compliment the other Ox races.

Note the course is on rough woodland trail and will be steep in some places, up and down. The course will be marked and sign posted, the signs may or may not be lit by flashing lights, there will be marshals on the course so you don’t get lost. We will have an ambulance on site to collect the wounded and White Star Running will offer free corpse retrieval before you start to decompose too much.

There won’t be a moon so don’t expect Werewolves, that said there are other dangers, falling over or running into things, also you enter at your own risk:

Note: Compulsory kit check at start, no working head torch, no race. No headtorch no race…no woman, no cry. If you are in any doubts about this race don’t enter, we won’t hold it against you.

20th July 2018

2nd May 2019


Ox Frolic – Saturday 8:00am

Solo: £39 Pair: £70 Trio: £105 Quartet: £140

10.5Km per lap

12 hours

The Ox Frolic is a race for solos, pairs, three and fours. Tougher course with each lap is 10.5 Km so four laps = a marathon.

We want a big fun sociable event for clubs, friends groups of mates, so the transition area to swap from one runner to another will be right next to the bar.

So main medal and then the mini medal for team size hangs underneath. (Solo runners, Pairs, Teams of 3, Teams of 4)

To get the bling all the runners have to do at least one lap each after that feel free to sit in the bar and cheer the others on.

20th July 2018

2nd May 2019


Ox 50 Mile – Saturday 7:30am

Affiliated: £48 Unaffiliated: £50

50 Miles

12.5 hrs

Ox 50 is back as well with the usual stuff, do enough laps to reach 50 miles and boom! You are done. Thing is there is a generous cut off but if you won’t make 50 miles in that time you will get a 12 Hour medal and time so no one goes home empty handed.

Epic Challenge returns for 2019 so complete the 50m and another Ox race to get an extra spesh medal.


20th July 2018

25th April 2019


Light Ox – Sunday 8:30am

Affiliated: £22.50 Unaffiliated: £24.50

Quarter Marathon (10.5km)

2 Hours

Light Ox Quarter is back, covering the same course as the Dark Ox.

20th July 2018

2nd May 2019


Ox Half Marathon – Sunday 10:30am

Affiliated: £27.50 Unaffiliated: £29.50

13 Miles

4 hours

Ox Half Marathon to compliment the other Ox races, A tough half marathon covering the valleys and hills of Rushmore Estate including the now famous “Pregnant Sheep Hill”

20th July 2018

25th April 2019