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2018, 2017 and 2016 are all in the results section of Full on Sport


Larmer Tree Marathon, 20m and Half Marathon Result_ListsFinisher_List

Ox Ultra  final ultra half prov mara 2  Ox Marathon mara 2  Ox Half Marathon half prov

Dorset Invader  Invader marathon and Invader Half Marathon DI Half marathon

Sydling Hill Race on day Hill Provisionals and  GHM GHM mararthon

Bad Cow 10k BC 2015 10k  Half Marathon BC 2015 Half Mara Saturday Marathon BC 15 Sat Mara Sunday Marathon BC 15 Sunday Mara


Ox Ultra ultra web results v2  Ox Marathon marathon web results v3  Ox Half Marathon half results v2

Sydling Hill Race Sydling Hill 10k  GHM GHM results v2


Sydling Hill Race 10k results  GHM Marathon results v2



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