Weekend at the Races

23rd – 25th May

Unicorn Frolic nearly full

Sat 23rd Moreton Marathon & Moreton 10m 

Sun 24th Unicorn Frolic & Kid’s Unicorn Race

Mon 25th Summer Session

We return to Moreton Equestrian and estate for a big weekend  of running set in the beautiful countryside of Moreton, near Dorchester.  Demanding trails and a unique area to run where no else is allowed so you are spesh right?

New for 2020 a Barn Dance on Sunday evening for everyone to enjoy!

Camping will open in the new year.

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Ansty - Village Centre

final location t.b.c.

Moreton Equestrian Centre

Moreton, DT2 8RH


The Official WSR Goat-O-Meter

  • Accent 40% 40%
  • Weather 100% 100%
  • Fly Count 60% 60%
  • Tripoverness 60% 60%
  • Mud 20% 20%
  • Risk of Cows 20% 20%


0% Flat as a flat place in Holland
20% Undulated
40% Bit lumpy
60% Blimey that’s a bit hilly
80% Why did I think this was a great idea?
100% Yeah ok I am walking the rest from now on


20% Goat dry as a bone
40% Pretty dry unless we have a biblical downpour
60% Might be a bit wet
80% Wet and muddy
100% Wetsuit


20% Lovely and mild perfect for running normally
40% It’s cold and will probably rain
60% It’s warm might rain
80% Usually rainy and cold or boiling hot
100% Ice station Zebra or Surface of the sun


20% 1 cow if any at all
40% 2 cows maybe, meh, dunno, probably not
60% 3 cows, yeah quite a good chance of something, but hey it’s the countryside
80% Pretty likely, to be fair more than likely
100% YEAH! Cow alert


20% Nope
40% Doubt it but maybe
60% Yeah could have a few
80% Blimmin flies
100% OMG it’s a plague of locusts


20% You will be fine
40% Look where you are going
50% Tree root alert
60% OK eyes glued to the floor
80% Evil dead style trees jumping out at you

Moreton Marathon – Sat 23rd 8.30am

Affiliated £37.50 & Unaffiliated £39.50 + FOS Processing Fee

26.6 ish


Moreton Marathon returns with it’s stunning 2 lap course round some of Dorset’s nicest and varied trails and its pretty flattish…ish. The laps consist of the Frolic course and some trails around Moreton Plantation.

Moreton 10m – Sat 23rd  10am

Affiliated: £25 Unaffiliated: £27 + FOS Processing Fee

10.5 miles

3 Hours

Moreton 10m returns with it’s stunning course round some of Dorset’s nicest and varied trails and its pretty flattish…ish.

The lap consist of the Frolic course and some trails around Moreton Plantation.

30th August @7:00pm

14th May


Unicorn Frolic – Sun 24th  7.40am

Solo Affiliated: £39 Solo Unaffiliated: £41 Pair: £70 Team of 3: £105 Team of 4: £140

+ FOS Processing Fee

4.4 Miles per lap

12 hours

Hurrah Unicorns or OMG Unicorns or Good Grief Unicorns

So usual Frolicking stuff

Solos…Marathon… half, one lap or 30 it’s up to you

Pairs and teams of three and four be as competitive as you want mega miles or not it’s up to you

Squeaky Unicorn for everyone and Unicorn medals all round

Its going to be Sparkly and fabulous….prizes first to third in solos and team prizes as well based on furthest ran.

Little Unicorn – Sun  24th 5pm

Kids Entry £8


As long as it takes

Kids Unicorn race so bring your cherubs along and they can run some of the route. Medal,Flapjack and Unicorn muff….(its a bandana like a buff but we cant call them that) for the goodies.

30th August

14th May


Summer Session – Mon 25th  9am

Affiliated: £33 Unaffiliated: £35 + FOS Processing Fee

Laps 4.4m as many as you like in 12hrs

8 hours to complete as many laps as you wish

So the Summer session returns for a bit of Bank Holiday fun before you have to go home.

Fancy a recovery run … or maybe a marathon or a half to make it 3 in the weekend. Well  Monday’s is your day for that

8 hour timed lapped event.

Now the difference to the Frolic is you can turn up and start anytime in that period. Prizes for furthest ran Male & Female.

Luckily you have a massive area to run on and its a nice 5.2 mile loop so easy to get a half marathon or marathon easy!

30th August @7:00pm

14th May