May 8, 2022 8:30 am
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Light Ox

Race Start: May 8, 2022 8:30 am
Race Distance: 10K
Race Cut-Off: 2 hours

The Light Ox is a quarter-marathon event (10.5K ish) – many of our runners combine this with other race distances over the weekend! The course is on rough woodland trail and will be steep in some places, both up and down. The course around Cranbourne Chase woods will be marked and signposted. 

The Dog start for this race allows you to run with your canine companion and experience the route together, as part of our dog-friendly races. Each runner can have up to two dogs and you will start approximately 15 minutes ahead of the main race. If you’re new to Canicross running, check out this review for all you need to know. 

The cut-off time for the Light Ox event is 2 hours. 


Note: A small non-refundable booking fee is charged by Eventrac when you buy an entry.

Affiliated entry: £24.00
Unaffiliated entry: £26.00

Maps, GPX, Race Instructions, Photos, Result will appear below when available.

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