May 7, 2022 7:30 am
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Ox 50 Mile

Race Start: May 7, 2022 7:30 am
Race Distance: Ultra
Race Cut-Off: 12 hours

The Ox 50-mile race is a lapped race with a generous cut-off to help you hit that 50-mile milestone. The route is made up of 10 laps of 5 miles, so you have constant support and aid on route . The route is made up of a variety of off-road tracks through Cranborne Chase woods.

Need more? Why not try the Epic Challenge at the Ox races? Complete the 50-mile race plus any other race over the same weekend to earn an extra Epic medal!

There is a cut-off for this 50-mile event. You must start your final lap within 12 hours. As it’s a tough challenge, we don’t want anyone dropping out and walking away empty handed. If you’re not out on your last lap by 19.59.59pm, you will be given an Ox Frolic time, distance and goody bag, with the relevant medal, although you will not be eligible for a 12-hour prize.


Note: A small non-refundable booking fee is charged by Eventrac when you buy an entry.

Affiliated entry: £49
Unaffiliated entry: £51

Maps, GPX, Race Instructions, Photos, Result will appear below when available.

Rushmore Estate
Tollard Royal,
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