Wanting to race with your Dog?

2018 will see separate starts for those wanting to race with a K9 friend, they are only 15 minutes or so ahead of the main pack to get you out on the route, but they have separate race entries:

Larmer 10 mile https://fullonsport.com/event/dogs-only-larmer-tree-10-2018/profile

Ox Frolic https://fullonsport.com/event/dogs-only-ox-solo-frolic/profile

Light Ox https://fullonsport.com/event/dogs-only-light-ox-2018/profile

Cider Frolic https://fullonsport.com/event/dog-only-cider-frolic/profile

East Farm Half https://fullonsport.com/event/dogs-only-east-farm-half/profile

East Farm Frolic https://fullonsport.com/event/dogs-only-east-farm-solo-frolic/profile

Doggie Races 1

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