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White Star Running organises trail races from ultramarathons to kids' runs and lots of distances in between. Based in the beautiful county of Dorset, White Star Running aims to organise fun, sociable races for runners of all abilities.

We work hard to create races that are set in the best scenery our beautiful county can offer, running in places no one else runs. Races like the multi-award-winning Giants Head Marathon, Larmer Tree and Ox Races, and Cranborne are among our most popular. We also organise timed 12-hour races to run as far or as few laps as you want, like the Cider Frolic at our mate Bill’s Cider Brewery.

We believe in races that are fun, marshals who are friendly, views that are awesome and beer that is cold. Keep Running Rural #jointheherd

White Star Running brings its special touch exclusively to trail races, as we love the Dorset countryside.

We try and be canicross friendly where we can and it’s safe to do so. A list of races that you can run with your dog are listed in the calendar on our homepage.

We are a race company, affiliated to UK Athletics. We use TRA (part of UKA) licenses for our insurance and therefore all our races are governed by UKA rules. 

The minimum age for all our Frolic races for teams is 18 years old and Solo runners must be 20 years old.

The maximum distances permitted for the following age groups are:

MPORTANT:  Permit applicants must pay particular attention to RULE 141 S 5 UKA – TRAIL RUNNING which sets out the maximum distances permitted for younger athletes.  Permit applications will be declined if races that do not clearly state in their promotional material and on entry forms age limits that comply with this rule.
Maximum distances permitted under this rule are as follows:
Age under 12 years  3km
Age 12-13 years.        5km
Age 13-15 years.        6km
Age 16                       10km
Age 17                       25km
Age 18-19                  45km
Age 20 and over.       No maximum distance

We know other organisations let different ages compete in their events, but these are the rules we are governed by.

We love to make our events family friendly, so you can all come along and camp for the weekend and support those running. But the kids can join in with any of our Bell Races that take place at Giants Head. A bit of fun, with a little running and some silly challenges, and a great medal to show off to all your friends. We also have kids' races at the Cider weekend and Cranborne Races.

Camping can be booked on the event page for each event. Our campsites are in the heart of the event village, very close to start/finish areas. It’s a bargain price to camp for the weekend no matter how many people or what you're camping in.

Race photos are expensive, so we have our own photographers and make photos available to you, free, on our Race photo page. 

By entering the race you are giving your permission to have your photo taken. If there is a pic you object to (didn’t get your right side, your bum looked too big, etc) please contact us and we will remove it. (Please note you must highlight the said photo; we won’t root through all the pics looking for it.)

Our legendary squeaky toys can be purchased from the WSR shop.

At our races we realise that sometimes you need a bit of boost at the bit in the race where you're starting to flag, normally 20 miles in marathons, 7 or 8 in a half. So we have the Love Station™. When you rock up to the Love Station™ you can have a sit down and have a glass of something nice like flat cola or a cider, and chew on a cake or Scotch egg. And just get your s*** together before venturing on to finish the race! There may be a hug or two.

The serious side is we can also have a look at you and assess whether you are in a fit state to carry on. We realise that most of our races are not easy and present some challenges. Heat, cold, falling over, hills, exhaustion, etc, can all take a toll and we are keen not to have any casualties. We take safety seriously and would only pull you out of the race if we felt you looked like death and for you to continue would put you at risk.

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How Do I?

If you find you can’t make a race you’ve already booked, at any point up to the deadline date. You can defer your entry to another race by following the instructions here: https://whitestarrunning.co.uk/race-transfers/

If you want to transfer your entry to another runner, at any point up to deferral/transfer deadline, you can transfer your entry by following these instructions: https://whitestarrunning.co.uk/race-transfers/

All deadlines are given in the information section of each event on our website in red writing.

You can log in to your account

Click the arrow next to your name, click my profile. Your bookings will show up here.

Or you can visit the event you think you are in here , open it up and click on participant tab and then search for your name.

Any race that still has availability for entries, it will show as open and available to enter.
If an event is full and has the waiting list enabled, you will be able to join the waiting list by, going to the event page and clicking on 'waiting list'.
If you’re on the waiting list and get a place triggered, you will receive an email with a link to purchase the place. You will have 48 hrs to use the link, then it will expire and the next person on the waiting list will get triggered.

To take your entry off of the waiting list, you will need to log into your account. Under ‘My profile’, next to the entry click the red cancel button.

See some Clubtrac Assistance information here.

For the Clubtrac team email them on [email protected] 

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