Race Photos

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These images are taken by our friend Rob Hannam. Rob takes thousands of photos at our events to do his best to ensure everyone features in a snap.

Many of you will have seen him standing on a remote wet and windy hillside blending quietly into the background. You can see more of his work on his Facebook Page.

These galleries below are from the 2019 racing season and to look at more recent photos you’ll need to go onto Rob’s Facebook page as above.

Note: When using a mobile to open links to albums, open the links in a browser and log in to Facebook. If you open with the Facebook app, then you will need to navigate to Rob’s photos from links on the page.

Rob Hannam Photographer

Lamer Tree 2019

Dorset Invader

Giants head

Crafty Fox 2019

Run Jurassic 2019

Dark Valley 2019

These ones are by our very own Barrel Master, Kev Roberts