White Star Running has transformed into Keep Running Rural!
Go to https://keeprunningrural.co.uk/ for all our race info.

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Before you send us a note, please see if your question is answered here first.

If you find you can’t make a race you’ve already booked, at any point up to deferral/transfer deadline, you can email [email protected] and ask for your entry to be banked for something in the future or request deferral into a specific race if you know what you want to swap to.

If you want to transfer your entry to another runner, at any point up to deferral/transfer deadline, you can transfer your entry by following these instructions: https://whitestarrunning.co.uk/race-transfers/

All deadlines are given in the information section of each race on our website.

Go to the Event page on our website and click 'Participant list' for the race. When the new window opens, type your name in the Search box. If you're entered, you will appear in the list. Alternatively you can log in to your account on Full On Sport and click on your name. From the drop-down menu, select ‘My Entries’.

Any race that still has availability for entries will be open and available to enter on Full on Sport.
If an event is full and has the waiting list enabled, you will be able to join the waiting list by logging in to your Full On Sport account, going to the Event page and clicking on 'Join waiting list'.
If you’re on the waiting list and get a place triggered, you will receive an email from Full On Sport with a link to purchase the place. You will have 48 hrs to use the link, then it will expire and the next person on the waiting list will get triggered.

To take your entry off of the waiting list, you will need to log into your Full On Sport account and go to ‘My Entries’. Next to the entry, click 'Cancel the waiting list space'.

Our mates at Full On Sport can help you if you're having difficulties with your log-in or account details, so give them a buzz on 01935 385 924 or email them on [email protected]

Even more questions answered on our FAQs page.

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