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Mid Season updates

We’re over half way of the WSR Season and we’re getting excited for the next couple of months ahead with some new events.

Following the first event of the Wyvern Series in July, up next is new Crafty Fox on 8 & 9 September with a Half and Marathon. Along with the other new event added to this year’s calendar – Chase races, a marathon and half Marathon in beautiful Six Penny Handley.

For Wyvern series there will be winner’s prizes for the series, so you will have to do all half’s or all marathons not a mix, if you are in it to win it as it were.
We are also doing club prizes for first running club or group in half and marathon series.

Prizes will be won on Running club position not the individual runners so it’s all about the team and not the one person as it were

Remember to join the Facebook events for each race as they have all the latest news and updates right up until race day.

Deferral/Transfer Deadlines

Some of you are being caught out and missing deadlines for deferring your entry to another WSR event or Transferring your place to another runner if you become unable to participate in an event. This year we have published dates on our website in each race section and we post on Facebook to give a reminder. Most are 1 week before the event but some are 2 weeks where we have to order t-shirts.  We don’t like saying no to things but have to meet our own deadlines for each event and give yourselves enough time to get everything prepared.

Camping is an enormous success at our races. We are ever grateful to farmers and venues for the use of their fields. The campsites are huge and right in the centre of the race, a short walk from the start/finish and registration. At fantastic value of £15 for a pitch for the weekend, you can be at the heart of the action. Book online here https://www.fullonsport.com/event/weekend-camping-for-a-wsr-event-2018/profile

2019 Season

Next year’s season is starting to shape up to be another exciting one. Dark Moors night races at Moors Valley will soon be on sale for entry, taking place on Saturday 12th January to start the year off.

Currently open for entry are Larmer Tree Races in March and Ox races in May.

Larmer Tree  Races

Marathon https://www.fullonsport.com/event/74928/profile
Half Marathon  https://www.fullonsport.com/event/74930/profile
Dark Larmer https://www.fullonsport.com/event/74932/profile
Larmer 20 https://www.fullonsport.com/event/74931/profile
Dog races and 10 miler are not open for a bit as we are going to do the Imperial Series once again and will open at the same time as Lytchett and Bournemouth 10m races.
So what’s new then:
Marathon will be tweaked to take out the road bit at mile 2-6
New medals for these races
Dark Larmer will get spesh muffs

The Ox races
Enter the 2019 Frolic here its teams and solos right https://www.fullonsport.com/event/74958/profile
The Dark Ox here https://www.fullonsport.com/event/74957/profile
The light Ox here https://www.fullonsport.com/event/light-ox-2019/profile
The Ox half here https://www.fullonsport.com/e…/ox-half-marathon-2019/profile
And the ever so long Ox 50 here https://www.fullonsport.com/event/ox-50m-2019/profile

Giants Head Marathon & Sydling Hill 10k date has been confirmed as 22nd June 2019 but has unfortunately sold out in unprecedented style.

National Running Show

Free tickets available still if you fancy a great Running Expo in January, we’ll be there again and it’s set to be bigger & better this year at the National Running Show https://nationalrunningshow.com/

We’re looking forward to seeing many of you in next couple of weeks at the upcoming events.


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