White Star Running is a race company, affiliated to UK Athletics. We use TRA (part of UKA) licenses for our insurance and therefore all our races are governed by UKA rules where applicable to Trail racing.  Age restrictions being one area we have asked UKA for clarity on the rules for, so we can abide by them.

Subject to satisfying HUE ‘Adventure Activity Licensing Regulations’ for youths under eighteen, the
maximum distances permitted for the following age groups are:
Under 12 years 3km
Under 14 years 5km
Under 16 years 6km
Under 17 years 10km
Under 18 years 25km
Under 20 years 45km

Chaos races and Bell races any age can enter as there are no published times or winners as such so are classed as “fun”.

We know other organisations let different ages compete in their events but these are the rules we are governed by.


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