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Cider/Piggy Weekend

Friday July 19, 2024 –
– Sunday July 21, 2024
Entry Opens: December 22, 2023
Transfer Deadline: July 5, 2024

We return to the home of Cranborne Chase Cider and its amazing countryside scenery to host the popular Cider weekend of races.

Friday evening sees a brand-new race added to the weekend’s schedule: Cider 24. It will run the same as our 12-hour Frolics… but for double the time! You can enter as a Solo runner or a Team runner, and you can complete as many laps as you like in the time period. Teams can be Small (2 runners), Medium (3-4 runners) or Large (5-6 runners). Solo runners can stop and start as much as they need to. The 24 hours will start on the Friday evening at 6pm and finish on Saturday at 6pm. We have chosen this so that you can get some laps out of the way while it’s still light, and to do the night running early on while you’re relatively fresh. You can expect all of the usual support from the aid station teams during the night, and there will be access to hot water all night so that you can prepare food and drinks as you need to. We are looking at setting up a buddy system for overnight to give support to those who may not be confident with night running alone. There will be prizes for the top 3 women and top 3 men, based on total distance achieved, as well as the top 3 teams for each size (Small, Medium and Large). 

On the Saturday we will have our Cider Frolic starting at 8am and running for 12 hours. You can enter as a Team or a Solo runner, and see how many laps you can do in a 12-hour period. The lap distance for these events will be confirmed very soon – it varies each year slightly as it depends on the fields we can use around harvesting, but it is usually one of our shorter lapped routes of around 5-6km. If you’ve never run a Frolic with us before, we have a guide here.

On the Sunday we have our Piggy Plods: 4km for kids and 10km for adults.

Camping is available for the whole weekend, and there will be entertainment on the Saturday night. You can find out more about the Cider Weekend 2024 in our blog

When you enter our races you will be able to opt out of receiving your finisher’s goodies, which we usually hand out at the end of the race. Instead, the cost of your goody bag will be donated to the Wilder Dorset Appeal, and you can read more about that project here. If you don’t opt out, you will still get your goody bag, and you can optionally choose to make a personal contribution if you wish here. Every runner still gets a medal. 

To keep up to date on all the information on the event, make sure you’ve followed the Facebook Event.

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Cranborne Chase Cider
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