Save the date: WSR 2022 race season

We might still be right in the middle of an exciting 2021 race season, but we’re already looking ahead to 2022 and starting to pin down some dates.

We want to give you plenty of notice, so here are some 2022 dates for your diary!

Dark Moors – 22nd January
Open now:

Spring Larmer Tree Races – 5th-6th March

Will be opening for entries later this month. If you want to use a ‘banked’ entry for the Spring Larmer events, please get in touch with us asap ( and let us know that you want to do this before we open for new entries.

Ox Races – 7th-8th May

Giants Head Marathon/Sydling Hill Race – 25th June

This will NOT be opening for new entries. We know how much you love this race, but having been cancelled two years running, both races are already full with previous entrants and a FULL waiting list running into the hundreds.

More dates will come as we speak to landowners and secure dates. Summer Larmer will be back and we’re hoping it will be even bigger than this year, with more events and activates. Don’t miss out on this year’s races and Wellness Festival for a flavour of what’s to come.

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